Professional Brewing System

The latest tech is combined with expert engineering to give you full control over the volume, temperature and velocity of pour stream to extract coffee from your beans just as you see fit. Whether you're a coffee novice needing help delivering a steady pour over or a seasoned barista wanting to experiment with different variables for better extraction, the Brewvie is the perfect aid to your countertop.


Control the flow rate automatically at each extraction interval by Proportional control for quick approach of target value, Integral control for cumulative error correction 
for each section,and Derivative control for buffering sudden change of extraction volume.


Brewvie controls many variables of coffee precisely, but its usage is very simple. It's simplely manage with a 4.3-inch touchscreens or smartphone application. Brewvie center guide LED displays the location where the dripper and server should be placed for accu-rate extraction.


Brewvie is a complete coffee machine with excellent water boiling system to continuously extract coffee with no downtime. Thick-film heater boils water to the target temperature in a short time, minimizing extraction and waiting time.

*Up to 100 cups per hour can be extracted(3machines-1 set, extraction temperature 90 degrees, 1 cup 250ml)


With the Brewvie application, you can create your own recipes by adjusting the many variables for coffee extraction and share the recipes with others.


* Contact us for different color option


Custom design your BREWVIE, for your high-end cafe






Bluetooth 4.0

4.3” Touch Screen

Mobile APP Support

Volatage: AC 220v

Weight: 10kg

Scale capacity: Max 2,000g

Power: 2,500w Boiler Capacity: 1,000g

Machine Size: W 200mm x L 440mm x H 325mm

Installation Length: W 180mm x L 420mm x H 300mm

The minimal design of the Brewvie clears the clutter of the counterspace and allows for easier interaction with your customers. Our undercounter boiler unit is also much more compact than most models out there requiring minimal space for installation.


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